Gain clarity, get organised and overcome the overwhelm with the practical Littleline Stationery range.

Wha t do you need??

Notepad Planners

Beautiful, fresh stationery shipped to your door so you can get pen to paper and plan!

Printable Planners

Download + Print Planners so you can start planning asap.

Custom Planners

Designed specifically for YOU and what you need to plan in YOUR life.

Why Littleline planners?

Gain Clarity

Get a clear overview of your day/week/month and know what exactly is going on and when without forgetting anything important.

Create Balance

Using prioritising strategies, our planners allow you to balance your to do list, focus on one thing at a time and be more productive.

Control the Chaos

Get calm by getting everything you have to do out of your head and onto paper. See everything organised in front of you and in one place.

Custom Products

Business Stationery

Notepads to reflect your brand

You want your brand to stand out. Get your branding added to a to-do notepad – x2 designs to choose from.

Custom Notepads

A planner for the way YOU plan

Feel like you use too many planners? Have a chat to me today to help you create a planning layout + strategy to organise your life.

Your free Balance To-Do List

We sometimes get hung up on all the things we NEED to do while the things we WANT to do fall by the wayside.

We say things like “I wish I had time to…” when thinking about the things that we’re putting off for the busyness that is modern life.

With this planner (+ guide!) you’ll be able to do a brain dump and identify how your lists weigh up against each other.

Hey there, I´m Kelly

boy mum / stationery designer / tea drinker / board gamer 

I’ve planned + systemised my way out of the overwhelm of juggling ALL THE THINGS. 

Never having time to do the things that I needed to do let alone the things I wanted to do is another kind of frustration.


by having a plan of attack, knowing how to make the most of my time + taking advantage of what I CAN control, I overcame the overwhelm. 

Omg Kelly honestly this whole process so far has been amazing. You listened to me and came up with a bunch of ideas that resonated with me and then took all of that away and produced a personalised planner that literally is PERFECT. I just don’t have the right words to say how thankful I am.

Jessy, Baked By Jess

Wow! Kelly has so much knowledge about planning and prioritising. She took the time to get to know my business and has incorporated everything for me into simple planners plus a guide that explains how to use each one.

If you need any help with planning or prioritising then Kelly is your girl. 

Kelly, Iron Butterfly Jewellery

Kelly listens to everything I ask for and my requests are completed quickly and they always look great. I am a repeat customer because Kelly is so helpful. I highly recommend Littleline.