Hey there, IΒ΄m Kelly

To say I love planning is an understatement.

It makes me feel in control, on top of things and like I have my sh*t together.

I’ve learned how to plan efficiently and effectively and by creating the right tools for the job.

I would buy planners and notepads and use them for a week or so before the novelty fizzled out – it was such an effort to plan and didn’t keep me organised like it promised.

And so I created my own.

I knew they needed to be practical, encourage the right prioritising and productivity methods and be pretty, of course.

I have spent months using these planners daily and reworking them until I felt they are perfect.Β 

I can now plan knowing that I have everything I need on paper and that the plan can be flexible when it needs to be.

I hope these planners help you as much as they have helped me overcome the overwhelm and manage the juggle of busy mum life.Β