Custom Notepads

Tired of buying planners over and over and never using them to their full potential?

It’s because they’re not designed for YOU. They’re designed for everyone so have a bit of everything on them and don’t necessarily support the way you plan or organise your life.

Imagine a planner designed for you that:

  • helps you to become and STAY organised
  • honours your energy levels
  • organises the pain points in your life
  • Supports the systems that you’ve created.
  • Allows you to plan fast and efficiently
  • incorporates all aspects eg. personal + biz

What you’ll receive…

  • A 15min 1:1 call to clarify the way you currently organise, what you need to plan out in your day to day and what kind of things you would like included on your notepad.
  • An A4 40x page notepad created for you with a personalised layout (NZ residents only)
  • A print ready file of the layout
  • A personalised ‘how to use’ guide to accompany your planner
  • Reorder copies when you next need them at regular notepad price


Biz Notepads

Let’s fancy up your notepads by adding a logo!

Making your business stand out, these A4 notepads include a simple to-do list allowing your branding to be the hero.


  • x2 layout choices to choose from
  • A4 size
  • x40 120gsm pages 
  • loads of to-dos with tickboxes


Omg Kelly honestly this whole process so far has been amazing. You listened to me and then came up with a bunch of ideas that resonated with me. Then you took all of that away and produced a personalised planner that literally is PERFECT. I just don’t have the right words to say how thankful I am.

Jessy, Baked By Jess

Wow! Kelly has so much knowledge about planning and prioritising. She took the time to get to know my business and has incorporated everything for me into simple planners plus a guide that explains how to use each one.

If you need any help with planning or prioritising then Kelly is your girl. 

Kelly, Iron Butterfly Jewellery

Everyone neeeeeeeds this service! I cannot recommend it enough!