A4 Weekly Notepad


The A4 Weekly Notepad allows you to gain an overview of your week. Organise your week and calm the chaos by assigning each of your tasks a day and a time. This way you won’t be constantly task switching as each task will have its own assigned slot and you will complete it when the time comes.

The habit tracker not only helps you to keep tabs on your habits but the everyday tasks eg. the fun household stuff. The Weekly Notepad helps with daily focus, keeps you on track with your to do lists and helps to reduce the overwhelm of a busy life.


    • x40 pages
    • ‘How to Use’ Guide
    • To do list with checkboxes
    • Everyday Task/Habit tracker
    • 5 task fields per day
    • 6am – 10pm schedule
    • Available in pink, yellow or black
    • Handcrafted

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